Youth Baseball & Softball Field Schedule & Events

2016 Summer Tournaments

ENY Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken

2016 ENY 13U Mid Atlantic Tournament
Director: Anthony Rodriguez (518)361-3563
Director: Dan Shevlin (518)791-9055
Dates: July 21st to July 26th

2016 ENY 12U District Tournament
Director: Dan Shevlin (518)791-9055
Dates: June 16th to June 19th

2016 ENY 9U State Tournament
Director: Dan Shevlin (518)791-9055
Dates: June 30th to June 3rd


2016 8U-12U Softball Tournament (Local)
Director: Kerri Ross (518)361-0917
Dates: June 16th – June 20th

2016  8U Bantam Blast Tournament (Local)
Director: Dan Shevlin (518)791-9055
Dates: June 22nd to June 28th

2016 9U – 12U Baseball Great Escape to Summer Tournament
Director: Matt Caimano (518)796-0737
Dates: July 21st – July 26th